Langewolle Rug, Textiles, Mufflon

Langewolle is a rug produced in 25 meter long rolls and is then sold by the meter. It is produced with Bavarian wool and manufactured by a garment factory into a soft knitted boiled wool surface. It can be cut to any required size without fringing and therefore offers new possibilities in retailing quality rugs. 

Sketches & Process

W 1.75 × L 25 meter

100% knitted boiled wool, two colour pattern

Manufactured by Mufflon in Germany

The Living Platform Allalu shelving, Furniture, 2016 All Alu Langewolle Boyfriend Hook Are You Satisfied AA Adidas by Tom Dixon HB Hermès Bench Bucket Research Migros Value Circular Seb Cooker Swiss Air Toy Project, Ecal, 2011 Swiss Air Toy Plank

Alexandra Gerber (b.1987) is a Swiss-French designer who established her own practice in London in 2016, alongside pursuing freelance-based projects for external clients. She works in the fields of product, furniture and exhibition design.

After obtaining a Master Degree in Product Design from Ecal in Lausanne and a Bachelor Degree from the Esad School of Art & Design in Strasbourg, she worked for four years as a Special Project Designer for Tom Dixon for whom she was leading large scale brand partnership projects among which she worked on three collections of accessories for Adidas and a furniture program for Ikea. Previously she has worked for Studio Nitzan Cohen, Atelier Pierre Charpin and the fashion label Bless Gmbh.

In 2012, her Bucket Research was featured by the Swiss Federal Design Award and in 2009, she was finalist of the Design Parade Festival in Hyères with her Plank Desk.

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Alexandra Gerber
Studio 8, Third Floor
22–27 The Oval
London E2 9DT
United Kingdom



Swiss Design Awards, 2018

Very happy to part of the Swiss Design Award exhibition taking place during Art Basel. Come and see, it's open from the 12–17 of June, Halle 3, Messe Basel.

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U-Joints, Equations of Universal Lifestyle, 2018

Curated by Andrea Caputo and Anniina Koivu for the Milan Design Week and organised by the Plusdesign Gallery, the show consists of 50+ leading international contemporary designers and industry professionals who explore the theme of connections in design and the multi-faceted world of joints.

Instagram: @plusdesign_gallery @anniina.koivu  #UJOINTS

Cover Artwork

Panthère Première Magazine Cover, Paris, 2017

Panthère Première, is an independant review devoted to investigations in the sphere of social critique. Through a share of thoughts and story telling, the review explores the intersections between the private spheres, family, childhood, memories, home, body, sexuality and the phenomenons that aim to be systems like state, industry, work, colonialism, gender – looking at them as the places where domination and injustice are often revealed, nourished and where they become permanent.

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Somewhere between the Human and the Monumental, Diversion, Issue 1, Ecal Publisher, 2014, Editor Anniina Koivu

This catalogue regroups ideologies, theories and manifestos I heard, read and discussed over the course of my design studies. The aim was to take each idea that shaped my understanding of design and critique its relevance within the contemporary context and within my own practice. The origins of the quotes vary from historical manifestos to personal conversations with teachers, friends and peers.

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Swiss Federal Design Award, 2012

It is a container, with a conic shape, that helps you to transport something liquid or solid from one point to another. It has a collapsible handle that defines the object as transportable. The hardened material it is made of assures a secured transport of the goods and it’s restricted volume makes it possible to be carried by one. It is a very uncomplicated object that communicates charm and rational beauty. It is a bucket.

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City Like You, File Magazine, 2012

I am a guest in a community house for students. One hundred people live here. Most poeple live here for ages and might never move out. I feel like in a cruise boat, you could have spend months in without needing to go out. This place is almost like a city in the city...

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Wallpaper Magazine, Graduate Directory, 2011

For Buckets, Alexandra Gerber chose the humble pail as her starting point precisely because of its mundanity. “The bucket is so restrictive”, she explains, “it’s very simple in terms of its function and the semantics and it has very few physical elements, therefore it was quite a challenge to give it a new character. How far could I change it without destroying the quality that makes it beautiful in its simplicity.”